Our Chef,
Alain Pignard

Alain Pignard in a few words? Creative, inspired, authentic, daring. Originating from Lyon, France, our Chef composes original and personalized menus with the best regional produce in town. This goldsmith of flavors, also Chef to the Beaver Club, has successfully impressed many personalities… why not you?

Named Chef of the year for three consecutive years from 2003 to 2005 by the Company of the Chefs, Cooks and Pastry Chefs of Quebec, Alain Pignard has cooked for Paul Bocuse, and shared his kitchen with international industry heavy weights: George White, Gualtiero Marchesi, Emile Jung, Charlie Trotter, John Ash and Alain Ducasse.

At Your Service

«We have no intention of meeting your expectations. We will surpass them», Michel Busch, Director of Food and Beverage.

Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Outside Catering Service guaranties personalized and quality service that will captivate your guests. Whatever idea you may have or theme of your event: picnic, gala, breakfast, lunch or wedding, we methodically adapt our service to your needs. Whether 20 or 1000 persons, we will create a menu that will surpass even your most inconceivable ideas.

Let yourselves be guided by our experts, readily available to coach and advise you. Service, dinnerware, decor, music, and lighting... we take care of it all!

Our superb culinary and service team, the largest in Quebec, is made up of young, dynamic and conscientious professionals. Their impeccable service allows for an atmosphere you may only dream of.

Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Hotel

Our Outside Catering Service benefits from the resources of the largest Hotel in Quebec. The elegant Suites of Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Hotel have welcomed royals, world leaders, and countless celebrities from the music and film industry such as John Travolta and Joan Crawford. Give Peace a Chance ring a bell? It was in our famous 1742 Suite where John Lennon composed and recorded this song during their famed «bed-in» in 1969.

Our secret

Recipe for a successful event:

  • Choose a legendary Hotel and Catering Team
  • Choose amongst the best culinary chefs in Canada
  • Add a splash of trendy touches
  • Blend in an experienced team of inspired cooks, attentive waiters and maitre D’s
  • Sprinkle a pinch of imagination and innovation
  • Combine and unify ingredients so that they complement each other perfectly
  • Taste your menu

Mixing business and pleasure.

With a busy schedule, a complete and nourishing breakfast is all you need to compliment and further increase the efficiency and productivity of your participants. Choose from a classic continental breakfast or more elaborate breakfast buffets. Delivery and conference room service available.

If you would prefer to enjoy a real moment of relaxation and lighten up your partners’ taste buds, opt for a business lunch: the ideal choice for a tasty end or break to your meeting like comfort after effort. Choose from table service and/or buffet, in one of our exclusive suggested rental locations. We deliver the best products from Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth to all our venues.

For more information,
please call 514 879-6800


Take advantage of your evening without having to preoccupy yourself with minute details. Simply choose the date of your event and your venue and let us take care of the rest. From the centerpieces, music and lighting to the menu and execution, we will take care of everything!


Breakfast : crepes, cereal, fruits, eggs, cheese... sweet and salty bites are including in all our breakfast choices: continental, healthy, Montreal and American style…

Lunch : For a simple meal that can be easily eaten standing or while working, start with a soup of the day or a mousseline of English smoked mackerel, and let yourselves be tempted by an assortment of finger-cut and deli style sandwiches, marketplace salad or a country-style meat pie. Finish off your meal with mini Fairmont Queen Elizabeth French pastries or sweets of the day.

For a more festive menu, choose between a gourmandine of shrimp or a country-style red cabbage consommé. Enjoy delectable veal medallions with estragon cream or pink Atlantic salmon supreme. And for dessert, a pistachio roll cake or delicious orange and triple-sec dessert.

The Windsor Ballroom Marché Bonsecours - Ballroom, De la Commune Hall Montreal Olympic Tower Montreal Science Center Cirque  Éloize


Daffodil Bal
The biggest fundraiser in Canada. Our Catering Service serves over 500 covers at the Windsor Station. Imagination is the key recipe in creating the atmosphere and catering for the Daffodil Bal. This year, the theme was 1001 nights. Our team sent the Daffodil Bal guests to a mystical Arabian atmosphere. With Baba ganoush, eggplant chips and Ali Baba exotic fruits, we sent our guests on a magical adventure!


One of the most important days in your life. Don’t think, just enjoy.

Animation, decor, music, lighting, greeting, coat check... relax, we will think of everything! Do you dream of an out of the ordinary, memorable wedding? Trust an experienced wedding planner.

In addition
The Fairmont Queen Elizabeth Hotel would love to offer you one complimentary night in one of our most beautiful Suites.

For more information,
please call 514 879-6800


Create an exceptional menu for an extraordinary event and let your guests enjoy and multitude of flavors. Open the ball with a roasted guinea-fowl gourmet delight or a lobster and crab corolla. Warm up your guests with a cappuccino of artichoke hearts and endive petals or a candied grapefruit zest granita. Continue the night with dancing and a filet mignon of Château des Charmes beef or a rack of lamb roasted with fresh thyme. A white chocolate cheese based desert and red fruits or a fresh lemon flavored millefeuille surrounded by a wall of strawberries.

The Windsor Ballroom Marché Bonsecours - Ballroom, De la Commune Hall The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Montreal Science Center Chateau Ramsay

Special Events, Galas and Fundraisers

For events that remain forever engraved in your memory.

Our slogan: Challenge us! Any concept, whether classic and simple or extravagant and crazy, put us to the test! Share your ideas with us and we will make your dreams come true.

We will create a decor that is harmonious with the chosen theme, dress up our servers and invite artists! We will top it off by sprinkling the room with toppings of your choice and sugarcoat your event to its full potential.

Here some of our achievements:

Ouverture et/ou Inauguration

  • Gala d'ouverture de l'édifice IBM Marathon
  • Gala d'ouverture du Musée d'Art Contemporain
  • Gala d'ouverture du Centre Molson
  • Ouverture du Casino de Montréal

Prestigieux Galas et Levées de fonds

  • Bal de la GRC
  • Bal du Ballet Jazz
  • Bal de l'Hôpital Général de Montréal
  • Bal du C.C.A.
  • Bal de l'Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal
  • Baldu Musée d'Art Contemporain
  • Bal du Musée McCord
  • Bal du Musée des beaux-arts
  • Bal du Grand Prix de Montréal
  • Gala de l'ADISQ
  • Bal de la Jonquille
  • Bal du St.John Council
  • Bal de la Fribrose Kystique
  • St-Mary's Ball
  • Bal de l'Institut de Cardiologie de Montréal
  • Bal du Portage
  • Maison St-Gabriel

Dîners protocolaires

  • Diners officiels offerts par le Gouvernement Fédéral en l'honneur de:
  • -Son Excellence le président de l'Italie
  • -Son Excellence le président du Liban
  • -Son Excellence le président des Philippines
  • -Son Excellence le président d'Irlande
  • Gala de L'APEC
  • Gala Boutros-Boutros Ghali
  • Corps consulaire de Montréal

Événements corporatifs

  • AIPPI (2 600 personnes)
  • Microsoft (4 800 personnes)
  • Transplant Society (4 200 personnes)
  • WCA (2 600 personnes)
  • Hemophilia (2 400 personnes)
  • CGI (1 750 personnes)
  • Microcell (1 800 personnes)
  • Ericsson (2 200 personnes)
  • Baxter (1 600 personnes)

For more information, please call 514 879-6800


A stuffed saddle of rabbit pannequet with chicken livers or a parfait of duckling foie gras will delight the finest of palates. Followed by veal rosettes enhanced with Armagnac and morel mushrooms or a filet mignon of beef with a cranberry poivrade sauce. Ending the meal with a tantalizing mascarpone Dolce Vita, Amaretto temptation or iced teepee fantasy with hazelnuts and maple caramel.

Windsor Station The Windsor Ballroom The Palais des congrès de Montréal Chalet du Mont-Royal Marché Bonsecours - Ballroom, De la Commune Hall Montreal Science Center CDP Capital, Le Parquet
Bal de la Jonquille The Montreal Museum of Contemporary Arts’ Annual Bal The Canadian Grand Prix

Cocktails and Receptions

Energize Your Senses
Ideal for closing a business meeting or corporate event, organizing a fundraising event or simply to mingle, cocktail parties are often places to meet people, make new connections and strike deals: it can easily break the ice, create a sense of belonging, or share a moment...

In addition
Choose between a cocktail and cocktail dînatoire and create your menu with our Chef. Your guests will devour these bite size delicacies. Starting from $20.00 per dozen per person.

For more information
please call 514 879-6800


The Chef suggests a salmon Gaspésie marinated in rose pepper accompanied by scarlet anchovies and garden tartar; unless you prefer a cromesquis crawfish with ginger and lemongrass, or princess scallops, smoked oysters and fish. For a sweeter side, surprise your guests with our mini crèmes brûlées, exotic fruits and spuma, as well as our miniature pastry creations.

Windsor Station The Windsor Ballroom Marché Bonsecours - Ballroom, De la Commune Hall The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts CDP Capital, Le Parquet Musée d’arts contemporain de Montréal
The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts Gala James Bond Portage


We are readily available and equipped to alleviate the hassles of having to organize the catering.

For more information, please call 514 879-6800


We suggest a meal composed of a soup or crudités and dip, as well as a variety of sandwiches: smoked salmon, country style pâté, smoked turkey, Florida shrimp, roast beef and fried onions, prosciutto and melon. Followed by a platter of cheese, fruits brochettes and mini French pastries.

Outside Catering Boutique

Hosting and pressed for time? Looking to cater to your close friends and family? Let yourselves be tempted by our customized and balanced menus made available to you by our Outside Catering Boutique.

Starting from $32.00 for a complete menu (entrée, main course, dessert).

In addition

Simple and practical, the dishes from our Outside Catering Boutique require one step: simply place it in the oven. Make your selection amongst a choice of a partial and/or complete meal and take advantage of our professional advice on how to create an impeccable presentation.

For more information, please communicate directly with our Outside Catering Boutique at (514) 954-2243

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